another daughter post

I love her writing so I’ll give her a voice here


one drop can overflow a glass–
streaming down the edge
racing across the condensation
sliding through the table cracks
puddling on the floor.

it doesn’t take much
after years of burrowed pardons
to reach the breaking point.
it only takes


my daughter writes

second chance

everyday the sun will rise,
and likewise it will set.
everyday the birds will sing.
everyday the breeze will flow.

does one wake and thank the sun, the birds, the wind?
does one appreciate that which is always there, always expected?

what though, what would happen in the absense of these?
without the sun, the world is dark.
without the birds, the world is silent.
without the wind, the world is still.

one does not have a love affair with the earth.
alike, one does not long for such things within reach.
but when they are gone,
when the world is dark and silent and still,
the desire burns.

that flaw of human nature:
a want for what one cannot have.
only yearning for something once its gone.
yes, the desire burns deep.

self-resentment sinks in.
a hindsight view seems so clear.
why didn’t one appreciate the sun’s warmth before?
the bird’s song is beautiful;
the wind’s breeze, refreshing.

too little too late,
there is nothing one can do.
what is gone, is gone.
such a painful reality.

river time

today I spent the day rafting on the river
and I was reminded of river time

river time means:
peanut butter & marshmallow sandwiches
M&Ms at the jumping rock (but not before)
a beer after the first rapid and another after the last
sunblock applied too late

bald eagles, osprey, fish, deer, turkey, turtles, snakes, bugs and more

it also means that cares are left behind
no thoughts of unlovability
no thoughts of inadequacy
no thoughts of what if
no thoughts of why
no thoughts of how come
no thoughts of the pain in my life and in others
no thoughts of yesterday

just happy thoughts
like love
good food

this is what river time is all about
I am grateful I got to experience it today

looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure

more writing from my daughter

A Friend Forgotten

What happens to a friend forgotten?

Does their smile fade away
like an empty bottle at sea?
Or dare to shine–
hoping to be missed?

Does their hope sink
like a brick in water?
Or harden the heart–
like a neglected child?

Maybe they just evaporate
like the morning dew.

Or do they reappear?

my daughter’s writing

This was written by my oldest daughter:

a lost ambition

a pain so deep
time never truly heals
scars will form
and forever remind

walls are built
ever higher
daring to tear them down
an impossible task

so much beauty
misabused by fools
unknowing of
a permanent damage

unfair disadvantages lie
to those farther down the road
wanting only to love
but never given the chance

robbed of that opportunity
so deserved, but incapable
nothing else is desired
nor should it be

seeking only good
apart from the past
how though to prove
this time will be different?

such a large task
ambitious really
to think one can tear down
walls so long in place

after failure upon failure
the question is faced:
to persevere
or to walk?

shall one show love
in the darkest of times
prove a light
still exists

or is it enough
pain overwhelms
forcing a retreat
and accepting failure

the latter is decided
the less noble
head hung low
an empty handed quest

a return to nothingness
a lonely position
seeking only love
but receiving nothing in return

wanting to blame such fools
for ruining a beautiful opportunity
for creating such destruction
with no consequence to them at all

anger arises
amidst a flood of emotions
no one fully occupies
the consciousness

an irony takes place
in seeking to show love
oneself becomes injured
a heartbreak leaves a deep wound

the adventurer
becomes the recluse
their own wounds scar
their own walls rise

a vicious cycle
needing to be broke
hear me now, Hope! Love!
come light,