my daughter writes

second chance

everyday the sun will rise,
and likewise it will set.
everyday the birds will sing.
everyday the breeze will flow.

does one wake and thank the sun, the birds, the wind?
does one appreciate that which is always there, always expected?

what though, what would happen in the absense of these?
without the sun, the world is dark.
without the birds, the world is silent.
without the wind, the world is still.

one does not have a love affair with the earth.
alike, one does not long for such things within reach.
but when they are gone,
when the world is dark and silent and still,
the desire burns.

that flaw of human nature:
a want for what one cannot have.
only yearning for something once its gone.
yes, the desire burns deep.

self-resentment sinks in.
a hindsight view seems so clear.
why didn’t one appreciate the sun’s warmth before?
the bird’s song is beautiful;
the wind’s breeze, refreshing.

too little too late,
there is nothing one can do.
what is gone, is gone.
such a painful reality.


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