Day 4

This is day four of my HCG diet and I will try and write every day. This is my second day of eating very low calories after loading on fat rich food for the first two days. Yesterday and today were my 500 calorie days and I will continue on this for the next month plus a few days.

Initial thoughts. Coffee for breakfast and green tea. While not filling, I never was hungry. Yesterday and today I had the same lunch, two small burger patties (100 grams of beef mixed with some spices and a clove of garlic) served on a bed of lettuce and followed b an apple. During the day I drank a little over 100 ounces of water. For dinner I had a shrimp scampi meal also served on lettuce since I don’t like most vegetables. All of this was followed with another apple. Bed time by 10:00 with two pee breaks in the night (12:15 and 5:30).

One the scale this morning I was 3.2 pounds lighter than yesterday morning (mostly water weight I’m assuming). All of this leaves me at -4.4 since Thursday morning.

Today I repeated the morning coffee and tea and barely made it through church without having to go to the bathroom. Drank water through a meeting and then repeated hamburger lunch with an apple and a Melba toast piece. Ate my apple after the meal. For dinner I made chicken which I cut into strips and added two table spoons of hot sauce. Served this over a bed of lettuce (again) and finished the meal with an apple. Even though I wasn’t very hungry I made myself eat. Maybe it was the 100 ounces of water.

After two days of 1000 calories total I am not experiencing hunger pains but do have a slight headache. Not sure if it’s from all this water or the low calorie intake. It will be interesting to see how things progress from here. I’ll write more tomorrow night.


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