Day 5

Today started with me on the scale dropping another 3.6 pounds for a total (as of this morning) of -8.2 pounds. I feel better today and the headache/lightheadedness seems to be much less today. I have not felt hunger pangs yet and am grateful. Had green tea, coffee and water until lunch time.

Lunch was one egg and two egg-whites with a little hot-sauce mixed in served on lettuce. One piece of Melba toast and my meal was complete. Dessert, if you can call it that was an apple. I’m actually beginning to look forward to the apple. I gave up Peanut Butter cups and chocolate and now compared to lettuce and Melba toast, this is a very sweet wonderful food.

After lunch I went to the YMCA and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes. According to the machine I burned 267 calories while walking at at a slow pace. That meant I was – 3 calories for the day when I got done. Twenty minutes in the sauna then a shower and back to work. I also drank about 50 ounces of water and had to pee 5 times while there. All this liquid keeps me moving.

I drank more water as the afternoon went on and then had my hamburgers and lettuce for dinner with another piece of Melba toast. I was getting full eating dinner but forced myself to eat everything. Then ate an apple in the car while driving to Theology on Tap.

I had to explain to everyone why I was drinking tea and not a pitcher of beer and a pizza. They seemed to understand and wanted to learn more. People were concerned with the speed of weight lost but if this works and does indeed reset my hypothalamus then they can say whatever they want to. I will fit into my clothes and maybe even be a little healthier. I look forward to tomorrow.


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